Bathroom Flooring Ideas To Make Yours Look Stylish

Looking for some bathroom flooring ideas? Your choice of bathroom flooring is a simple way to set the right tone for your scheme and the ideal place to start. Once you know what you’re drawn towards and what is feasible budget-wise, then you can start planning the rest of the room around it.

What are your requirements?

If you are starting from scratch then start with the basics and work your way up. Start with a tiled floor and work your way through the many different options of tile to suit the look you want. Tiled flooring is a good way to help create a modern, minimalist feel that is easy to clean. For a soft contemporary look, consider painted tiles or a natural marble effect, both are fairly cost-effective and have a beautiful retro appeal. If you want something a little more modern take a trip to the local DIY shop and pick up a few coir or similar options that are available in laminate, and a range of styles for different budgets. If you’re after something a little more versatile then look for something that combines smooth and coir and with a finish that’s not too harsh on your skin.

Which flooring is easiest to maintain?

Which flooring is easiest to maintain? Read: Can you DIY your own bathroom flooring? Even though ceramic tiles are the most popular choice for bathrooms, it’s not always the best for the environment and are often difficult to maintain. Stone tiles, on the other hand, are the best option if you want a long-lasting look that won’t damage your bathroom’s tiles over time. What colors do you like? Choose colors for your bathroom that you can live with. While all the colors you like are great for color-matching, they might not be appropriate for your bathroom color scheme. For example, go for a blue-green color scheme if you love blues and greens but a red-green scheme might clash.

Which flooring is the cheapest?

So you want a gorgeous neutral flooring, but you’re spending a fortune on your bathroom. The most cost-effective flooring you can use is waterproof linoleum, but if you are still unsure, the most budget-friendly option is a carpet. A more permanent but minimal choice is vinyl tiles, or even a textured wallpaper, like these DIY-style two-tone tiles. The best materials The bathroom floor has to be durable enough to cope with heavy use so you need to choose flooring that can stand up to heavy scrubbing. The best material for this is a hard, non-skid vinyl, which is also the most cost-effective option. Hard floors need no lubrication or oiling, which is good for those times when you are tempted to have a soak in the tub, and they can’t be damaged by temperature changes.

Which flooring is the most expensive?

Bathroom flooring can vary depending on your design aesthetic and the materials used in the flooring system. Before you start planning your bathroom flooring and take a look at the flooring ideas below, we have some information on what is the most expensive flooring to use. Some of the most expensive flooring materials to use in bathrooms are marble. At this price, it’s not to be left out. The best thing about using marble is that it doesn’t stain and looks gorgeous even when it gets damaged. Sofas and rugs are also expensive. Faux leather, meanwhile, is a beautiful option when you want something a little more affordable and won’t take the shine off your bathroom. Some of the more stylish flooring options are on-trend wicker, vinyl, carpet, and bamboo.

Which flooring is the easiest to clean?

How much work can you do around it? Do you have certain needs? Here are 11 DIY bathroom flooring ideas to help you plan your bathroom’s perfect home. 1. Floors On Hooks There is something very satisfying about having glass shower doors with tiled flooring. If your bathroom is small and you don’t want to remove the tiles, then you can think of shelving above the shower and a rug behind it. You can always change the colour of the flooring as and when you feel like it. It doesn’t have to match the wall tiles in any way. 2. Floors Above Shelving If you’re feeling really flush and fancy matching the floors of your bathroom with your kitchen, then just attach a circular molding around the walls. You can also raise your bathtub by using a removable shelf in the ceiling.


Building a bathroom is a major undertaking, so why not take the time to invest in something you’ll actually enjoy seeing in your own home? The key is to plan carefully and go for pieces that will have a major impact, without costing you a fortune. Get the best bathroom flooring ideas you want here!

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